Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce cruise in a Rolls-Royce after New Year’s party


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, after setting the New Year’s dance floor on fire with close pals Brittany and Patrick Mahomes, were seen gliding through the city in a sleek, $400k Rolls-Royce. The pop queen and NFL star cruised around Kansas City, Missouri, on Monday after the Chiefs’ victory over the Bengals. The couple celebrated the arrival of 2024 with a kiss, and recent pictures depict them having a great time at Brittany and Patrick Mahomes’ party.

Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, Brittany, and Patrick Mahomes(x (twitter))
Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, Brittany, and Patrick Mahomes(x (twitter))

Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce celebrate with Brittany & Patrick

The confetti may have settled, but the party was far from over for Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, Brittany, and Patrick Mahomes! It was a double celebratory moment as the Chiefs clinched victory over the Cincinnati Bengals with a score of 25-17, securing the AFC West division. New photos show the quartet letting loose and dancing the night away.

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The Cruel Summer singer glittered like the midnight sky in a sparkling minidress adorned with celestial charms, her hair crowned with starry accessories as she swayed with beau Travis Kelce in a viral New Year’s Eve video. She was even seen posing for a fan’s selfie, and later, the NFL power couple shared a drink while beaming at the camera.

Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce’s luxe ride after New Year celebrations

After a passionate New Year’s kiss and a Chiefs victory, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce cruised through town in his Rolls-Royce, looking a bit weary but still sporting smiles as they continued the festivities.

As per Daily Mail, “Swift and Kelce, both 34, were headed from one of the latter’s properties to another one of his homes, where they met up with his mother, Donna.

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The NFL player reportedly has three different homes in Kansas City. These include a $1 million Briarcliff West home, an opulent downtown apartment, and a $6 million mansion that was apparently bought with Taylor Swift in consideration.

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