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In a strategic move, the Telangana government has announced the transition of the state’s abbreviation from TS to TG. This move, while symbolic, has prompted questions regarding its implications, particularly concerning the vehicle number plates across the state.

Effects On Old Vehicle Plates

Under the new directive, newly registered vehicles will feature TG as a prefix in their registration numbers. However, existing vehicles will retain their old number plates, bearing the TS prefix. This approach mirrors the events of 2014 when Telangana was established as a separate state, and new registration plates incorporated the TS prefix, while older vehicles maintained the AP prefix from the unified Andhra Pradesh.

Rationale Behind the Change

Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy defended the decision, citing the earlier choice of TS as arbitrary. He emphasized that no other state in India includes the word ‘state’ in its abbreviation. This move aligns with the Chief Minister’s campaign promise and aims to streamline the state’s identity.

During the statehood agitation, people in Telangana had already begun replacing the AP prefix on their vehicle plates with TG as a form of protest. Despite a 2014 gazette notification from the Centre specifying TG for number plates, the TRS government at the time opted for TS, aligning with the party’s initials.

Besides the abbreviation shift, the cabinet meeting also addressed other significant matters. The iconic poem “Jaya Jaya He Telangana” by poet Ande Sri, which gained prominence during the Telangana movement, will now be officially recognized as the state song. Additionally, modifications to the Telangana Thalli statue will be made to reflect the aspirations of the people better.

The transition from TS to TG reflects the state’s evolving identity and aims to bring uniformity in its representation. While existing vehicle number plates will remain unchanged, new registrations will adopt the TG prefix. This move, along with other decisions made by the cabinet, underscores the government’s commitment to honor the state’s cultural heritage and the aspirations of its people.

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