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From opting for sustainable invites to help reduce the carbon footprint to using technology for the extra swag to making it a big fat wedding with non stop entertainment acts, here’s what all topped the charts in weddings of 2023.

Here’s what all topped the charts in weddings of 2023 (Photo: Facebook)
Here’s what all topped the charts in weddings of 2023 (Photo: Facebook)

Weddings have always been a larger-than-life affair. But just when we thought they couldn’t be more extravagant, new fads took over, making them even bigger, fatter and trendier. Take a look at the top wedding trends of 2023.

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Going domestic

Picking Indian destinations such as Rajasthan, Goa and Kerala is a trend that gained momentum in 2023, reflecting a growing awareness of the positive impact that grand weddings can have on the local economy. “With the government encouraging Indians to discover domestic destinations for their weddings, many Indians who were planning to choose international destinations at first are returning to domestic shores,” shares Parthip Thyagarajan, co-founder and CEO of

Voguish venues

This year, couples explored beyond traditional banquet halls and found wedding venues such as art galleries, botanical gardens, vineyards, farm stays and historical landmarks. “Couples are seeking venues that reflect their personalities and offer distinctive atmospheres, creating memorable and Instagram-worthy experiences,” says Devanshi Patel, founder of Shreem Events.

The art of entertainment

Brides and grooms went above and beyond in 2023 to woo their guests. “Consider immersive performers such as interactive theatre groups or live art installations, to engage guests. Or musicians who can create custom playlists. One can even incorporate virtual reality experiences. This trend aims to elevate entertainment beyond traditional performances, leaving guests with an unforgettable celebration,” Patel adds.

Sustainabilityfor the win

Whether it is using sustainable material for invitations or having a well-defined waste reduction and disposal system at the venue, sustainability has become key at weddings. “This trend is booming currently as couples are becoming more environmentally conscious,” shares Darshan Shroff, partner at Momente Weddings.

Experiential gifting

Gone are the days of handing out the same old gifts to friends and family at weddings. “Couples are choosing to create experiential and personalised gifts for their guests at events, whether by making their own perfumes or curating personalised tea blends,” adds Shroff.

Trusting technology

The use of new-age technology in weddings is catching up. Be it holographic projections or grand drone shows, this trend is here to stay and grow.

From real to reel

The rise of Instagram Reels has influenced the way couples plan their weddings, with many planning how certain moments will translate into this engaging video format. “This has led to a creative shift in wedding photography and videography, encouraging professionals to explore new storytelling techniques and visual styles to ensure that the moments they capture are not only beautiful but also Reel-worthy,” says Shruti J Khanna, co-founder of Cupcake Productions.

Co-founder Jayant Chhabra adds, “Ultimately, incorporating Reels into wedding photography and videography allows for a more immersive and dynamic way of capturing and reliving the special moments of a couple’s big day. It adds an element of excitement and modernity to traditional wedding documentation, keeping up with the evolving trends in visual storytelling and digital media consumption.”

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