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The way we connect with ourselves sets the foundation for our relationship with others. Self-awareness, trust and understanding of ourselves help us to become better people in relationships. Be it relationships or family or friendships, the way we understand ourselves helps us to set the tone of the relationship. “Research shows us over and over again that healthy and safe social connections are positively linked to better outcomes, including longevity. What are your values? What are your boundaries? What are your dreams? What are your areas of improvement? What do you need to compromise more on? What do you need to tolerate less,” wrote Therapist Sadaf Siddiqi as she explained the ways by which we can be more secure by increasing self-trust.

Things to do to increase self-trust and be more secure(Unsplash)
Things to do to increase self-trust and be more secure(Unsplash)

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Identify when something doesn’t feel right: One of the most important things that we should do is know what is good for us and what is not. Often in order to please the people around us, we end up getting onboard with ideas that we do not align with. That is a harmful tactic. We should set clear boundaries for things that don’t feel right to us.

Stop coming up with ideas to convince others to like us: This is something we need to stop right away. Some people may like us, and some people may not – we need to accept it and move on from the thought of making everyone like us. We should stop looking for ways to convince people or make them like us.

Make time for your passion: WE all lead busy lives and are constantly consumed in the hustle. However, it is important to make time for things that we are passionate about and things that make us happy. It is doing those things that give us the hit of being alive and happiness.

Compromise but don’t sacrifice: Compromising and sacrificing are not the same things. It is possible to make compromises with others and find common ground in a relationship without sacrificing our core values and core needs.

Set balanced boundaries: The boundaries we set for ourselves should be balanced – they should not be too rigid or too flexible. We should explore what feels healthy for us and do that.

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