Tragic Train Fire in Bangladesh Claims 4 Lives; Police Suspect Planned Attack | World News


Dhaka: Four people died after an intercity Benapole Express train caught fire in Bangladesh’s Gopibagh, as reported by the Dhaka Tribune. Dhaka Tribune reported that the incident took place around 9.05 pm on Friday and at least five compartments of the train have been set ablaze by “miscreants”. However, the victims could not be identified yet.

Reportedly, seven firefighting units were brought in to control the fire, according to the duty officer of the Fire Service and Civil Defence, Rakibul Hasan. Following the incident, Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Additional Commissioner (Crime and Operations) Mahid Uddin alleged that the Benapole Express train fire was a “planned attack”.

The incident happened just two days ahead of Bangladesh’s general elections. “We cannot say for sure who carried out the arson attack but it is sabotage for sure,” he said. The official added that those who carried out the attack will be brought under the law. “Such behaviour towards common people, children and women are inhumane.”

He further said that the people who committed the crime might have disguised themselves as passengers, as reported by the Dhaka Tribune. Moreover, Ashraf Hossain, sub-inspector of Dhaka Railway Police Station, said that they received a fire report from the emergency service number around 9:07 pm. However, police officials are still fearing that people could be trapped inside the train, Dhaka Tribune reported.


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