Twinkle Khanna ‘baffled’ by trolling Deepika Padukone received for dating other men while being with Ranveer Singh: ‘Her approach is logical’ | Bollywood News


Actor Twinkle Khanna has come out in defence of Deepika Padukone, after the latter received backlash for her revelations about her personal life on Koffee with Karan. On this season of the Karan Johar hosted show, Deepika Padukone appeared with her actor husband Ranveer Singh, where the couple opened up about their marriage. During the episode, Deepika revealed that she and Ranveer were allowed to date other people in the beginning of their relationship, but they kept coming back to each other.

Her comments led to a section on the internet trolling her. In her latest column for Times of India, Twinkle Khanna addressed the issue and wrote how Deepika managed to outrage “uncles, aunties, and an entire lot of India’s not-so-eligible bachelors” by talking about her personal life.

Twinkle wrote that Deepika did not “swoon and fall at the feet of the first moustached suitor hanging around her” and instead chose to date other men, “while also dating her future husband” which led to people calling her names.

“The trolling she has received because of her admission is baffling. In fact, it has gone as far as students at Banaras Hindu University reportedly putting on a play where a girl plays Deepika and male students act as her past boyfriends,” Twinkle wrote.

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The actor said Deepika’s approach to finding a suitable partner was “rather logical” and likened it with buying a couch.

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“Wouldn’t you go to the store to figure out which one feels nice and bouncy, which has a comfortable backrest and which fabric doesn’t make your skin itch? But when it comes to the couch potato whom you have to snuggle against, you are expected to just pick one without testing out alternatives,” she wrote.

During the much-debated episode, Deepika had said that even though they were “technically allowed” to date other people, they “would just keep coming back to each other.” She said, “I did meet other people, but I wasn’t interested or excited by anyone else that I was seeing. In my mind, I was committed to him. So I would meet other people but at the back of my head, it was like, I am going back to him.”

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