UN Security Council Passes Resolution Demanding Immediate Gaza Ceasefire For The First Time | World News


NEW YORK: The United Nations Security Council on Monday approved the resolution calling for an “immediate ceasefire” in Gaza and the “unconditional” release of all hostages held by Hamas following the October 7 attack on Israel, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said. He asserted that the resolution must be implemented and any fall in its imposition would be “unforgivable.”

“The Security Council just approved a long-awaited resolution on Gaza, demanding an immediate ceasefire, and the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages. This resolution must be implemented. Failure would be unforgivable,” Guterres posted on X.

The draft resolution was put forward by 12 non-permanent members of the international forum, including Algeria, Guyana, Ecuador, Japan, Malta, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Slovenia, South Korea and Switzerland, Al Jazeera reported. The draft resolution demanding a ceasefire was introduced by Mozambique’s ambassador to the UN, Pedro Comissario Afonso, who said, “We express our deep appreciation for all members of this council for their efforts and inputs on this draft resolution and at ending the catastrophic situation in the Gaza Strip.”

“The situation in Gaza is a matter of grave concern to the entire international community; indeed, the escalation of the conflict in the Gaza Strip and its catastrophic consequences are a clear threat to international peace and security,” he added.

Al Jazeera reported that the resolution was passed after permanent members Russia and China vetoed a US draft resolution on Friday for not urging an unconditional, immediate ceasefire and the resolution was again introduced by the non-permanent countries of the body calling for an immediate ceasefire.


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