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New Delhi: Receiving a job rejection is never a pleasant experience. It can leave you feeling disappointed, frustrated, and even a bit discouraged. However, the way in which the rejection is delivered can significantly impact how it’s received by the candidate. Using the right language and offering some level of comfort can make the news a little easier to swallow. 

A North Carolina-based company has stirred controversy after sending a single-word rejection to an American job-seeker, leaving the applicant astonished by what he described as the “rudest rejection email ever.” (Also Read: Wipro Shares Decline Over 1% Following Resignation Of Thierry Delaporte)

The nonprofit group from the region sent a one-word rejection to the job applicant, who then shared it on Reddit. Subsequently, the organization issued an apology for the email, attributing the incident to a malfunction in their system. (Also Read: Mcap Of BSE-Listed Companies Hit Rs 400 Lakh Crore Milestone)

User posted screenshot on Reddit

The job seeker posted a screenshot of the rejection email on Reddit and wrote, “In all my years, I’ve never seen a rejection letter so… I don’t even know what to call this. Uncourteous? Rude? Unprofessional??” The screenshot revealed that the email lacked any greetings or farewells. Moreover, it provided no explanation for the rejection and simply stated “Declined”.

Many individuals on the platform expressed sympathy towards the user and condemned the company for its poor communication abilities.

Company’s Apology Statement

In its apology, the company expressed regret and stated, “We recently learned of a system malfunction with our online recruitment software where it automatically sent out replies to applicants for some openings with the single word ‘decline.’

They also included the following statement, “We are very sorry this error occurred, as it does not represent who we are or how we treat people. All applicants should be treated respectfully throughout the recruitment process, which includes receiving an appropriate, polite response with the outcome. We sincerely apologise for this mistake and believe we have found the source of the problem so this does not happen again.”

User’s Reply To The Apology

Following the company’s response, the user said, “Apparently my original post made so many waves that it reached the company, and I got sent this earlier today. Some of you sent me screenshots that you received the exact same email, and I know some of you reached out to the company itself to talk about it, so thank you all for that lol It’s good to know that it’s technical errr.”

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