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New Delhi: This Valentine’s Day, Zomato has unveiled a groundbreaking feature that has caught the attention of popular dating platforms like Tinder and Bumble.

Zomato introduces an innovative matchmaking service which offers users the opportunity to discover their ideal foodie partner. Leveraging the power of culinary preferences, this service intelligently pairs individuals suggesting that a shared love for food might just be the recipe for a meaningful connection. 

To discover your match on Zomato follow these steps:

-Start by tapping on “Explore now” located under “Celebrate Valentine’s Week” on the mobile app’s homepage.

-Next, click on “Find a match,” which will redirect you to a page titled “Find a foodie match.”

-Then, choose your gender and preference before tapping on “Find a Match.”

-Finally, you’ll be directed to a page confirming your match with someone.

Zomato’s Unique Initiative

The matches are given names that resemble human names but represent food dishes instead. For instance, Mala corresponds to Malai Chaap, Gul represents Gulaab Jamun, Raj is associated with Raj Kachori, and Urfi symbolizes Burfi, among others. (Also Read: Firefox-Owner Mozilla To Lay Off 60 Employees After Appointment Of New CEO: Report)

Furthermore, Zomato has expanded beyond matchmaking. Teaming up with Tinder, they introduced the “Tinderlicious Collection” in major Indian cities. This collection features a handpicked selection of restaurants perfect for romantic outings, enhancing the dining experience. The partnership aims to simplify the process of choosing an ideal spot for Tinder dates, utilizing Zomato’s proficiency in suggesting restaurants. (Also Read: Gramin Bharat Bandh Call On 16th February: All You Want To Know About Nationwide Strike Timings And Other Details)

The initiative relies on data and understanding, selecting venues based on user search trends during Valentine’s Day and local familiarity. Zomato noticed a 50% rise in the duration users spent on their Collections pages before Valentine’s Day last year, suggesting that individuals plan their romantic outings ahead of time.

With its new foodie matchmaking feature, Zomato is poised to elevate the excitement of Valentine’s week for individuals seeking love or simply a compatible dining companion. While Tinder and Bumble remain popular choices for romance, Zomato’s innovative integration of culinary passion with the search for love presents a unique and enticing alternative this Valentine’s week.

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