Varun Dhawan, Sidharth Malhotra recall dating ‘girls from costume department’ during My Name Is Khan shoot: ‘Karan Johar ghar tode’ | Bollywood News


In the latest promo for Koffee With Karan 8, Varun Dhawan playfully refers to the show’s host, Karan Johar, as ‘Karan Johar ghar tode.’ The upcoming episode features Varun, along with his Student Of The Year co-star Sidharth Malhotra and Bawaal co-star Janhvi Kapoor. During the show, Karan revisits a conversation from KWK Season 4, where Varun and Sidharth mentioned dating experiences during their time as assistant directors on Karan Johar’s film My Name Is Khan.

Now a video from the old episode of KWK has gone viral. In the clip, Karan is seen teasing Varun and Sidharth about their dating life while shooting for his film. Varun and Sidharth had appeared on KWK Season 4, along with Alia Bhatt. In the viral clip, Karan can be seen saying, “Let’s talk about what happened on My Name Is Khan. They were both assistant directors on the set of the film. There was something that the boys were really attached to during the making of My Name Is Khan. I have Karan Malhotra, who spent everyday on the set and who shared a very close equation with Varun and Sidharth. He has something to say about them.”

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Through a video message, Karan Malhotra shared details about Varun and Sidharth’s dating life in Los Angeles during the shooting of My Name Is Khan. He said, “My first impression of Sidharth and Varun was disaster. When I saw both of them, I knew they were going to become actors, but as time passed they grew as people, as ADs and they proved that they could also become good actors. When we were shooting for My Name Is Khan in LA, there was this girl in the costume department who one day came with a huge box of donuts on the set and when we asked her, ‘For whom are these for?’ She said, ‘Sidharth.’ So, the donuts exchanging had started happening there. Varun had also started looking for a costume himself and he would launch himself on the set and started flirting with the costume assistant here and there. Varun has more of masti in him, he is more of a crazy guy and Sidharth is a serious, sober guy and I think that’s where they are different people.”

Then Karan Johar mentioned that both Varun and Sidharth were dating girls from the costume department. Sidharth also shared that Varun’s girlfriend at the time got fired from the film. Varun then clarified that she got ill and so she left the film.

During the conversation, Varun also shared that Sidharth’s girlfriend came to Mumbai from LA after the film’s shooting got wrapped up. He said, “Sidharth got her flowers and all that. I was with them. Sidharth is a serious lover, he doesn’t do hanky-panky. So, one day he said ‘I don’t know where this is going.’” Sidharth denied parts of Varun’s account, and said, “Nothing like this happened.” The actor, however, admitted to buying her flowers. Sidharth said, “LA was very interesting because of her. She made sure that we got out every night to party.”


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