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New Delhi: In March, the cost of a vegetarian thali witnessed a significant surge, climbing by 7 percent. This increase was primarily driven by the escalating prices of essential vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, and potatoes.

Insights From March’s Crisil Report

The monthly “Roti Rice Rate” report released by Crisil Market Intelligence and Analysis highlighted this contrasting trend. According to the report, the cost of a non-vegetarian thali, however, saw a decrease of 7 percent due to a cooldown in poultry prices. (Also Read: Security Alert For Android Users! Indian Govt Issued High-Risk Warning: Read More)

Vegetable Thali Costs In March 2024

The report disclosed that the price of a vegetable thali, which includes roti, vegetables (onions, tomatoes, and potatoes), rice, dal, curd, and salad, rose to Rs 27.3 per plate in March. (Also Read: China May Use AI Content To Influence Lok Sabha Polls, Warns Microsoft Report)

This marked an increase from Rs 25.5 in the corresponding period last year but remained marginally cheaper compared to February 2024.

Reasons Behind Price Surge Of Vegetable Thali In March 2024

The surge in prices was attributed to a substantial year-on-year increase in the prices of onions, tomatoes, and potatoes, which rose by 40 percent, 36 percent, and 22 percent, respectively.

Lower arrivals of onions and potatoes, along with a low base from the previous fiscal for tomatoes, contributed to this rise.

Other Contributing Factors

Additionally, the report highlighted a 14 percent increase in rice prices and a 22 percent increase in pulse prices compared to the same period last year, which was attributed to lower arrivals in the market.

Cost Of Non-Vegetarian Thali In March 2024

The cost of a non-vegetarian thali, where only dal is replaced by chicken, decreased to Rs 54.9 from Rs 59.2 in the corresponding period last year. However, it saw a slight increase compared to Rs 54 per thali in February.

Factors Influencing Non-Vegetarian Thali Costs

The decline in the cost of the non-vegetarian thali on a year-on-year basis was attributed to a 16 percent decrease in the cost of broiler prices.

However, compared to February, broiler prices saw a 5 percent increase due to the commencement of Ramadan and heightened demand.

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