Video: Australian Man Tries To Tackle Attacker At Sydney Mall | World News


Multiple individuals were stabbed at Westfield Shopping Centre situated in Bondi Junction in Sydney, Australia on Saturday as a knife-wielding man carried out a violent spree. Meanwhile, Meanwhile, a video allegedly filmed at the Sydney mall depicts a heroic act by a civilian attempting to intervene and halt the attacker. This footage is widely being circulated on the internet. 

The video shows a man standing in the way of the attacker on escalator. In the disturbing footage, the attacker is seen holding a knife in his right hand. A ‘X’ user, @imromec, shared the chilling footage on his account. 

In a BBC report, an eyewitness was quoted saying, “It was insanity,” the woman looked distressed recounting the sight of a injured woman on the ground. She added that the horror started after 3pm, crowds streamed out of Westfield shopping centre in Bondi. 

Another eyewitness, who was in a cafe with his two young children, observed a man “randomly stabbing people” nearby. 

Law enforcement officers ultimately fatally shot the assailant. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese confirmed “multiple casualties,” with New South Wales Police reporting five deaths. Approximately eight individuals, including a baby, were rushed to the hospital with stab wounds. According to reports, hundreds of shoppers were evacuated from the busy mall. 


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