Vijay Varma recalls feeling ’embarrassed’ when Tigmanshu Dhulia said he would be the next Irrfan: ‘I wanted to disappear’ | Bollywood News


Vijay Varma has been enjoying a great time in showbiz as the actor has had many successful films and streaming shows in the last couple of years. Recently, during an interview, Vijay was asked if he wanted to emulate another actor’s career and the actor said that he did not believe in following another person’s path as every actor has their own unique journey. But he recalled the time when Tigmanshu Dhulia made him stand in front of Irrfan Khan and proclaimed Vijay as the next Irrfan.

Speaking to Galatta Plus, Vijay said, “I remember there was a Holi party at Tigmanshu Dhulia’s office. He held my hand and he was, of course, a little ‘happy’… He held my hand and made me walk up to Irrfan Khan, his face was fully coloured. He said ‘Irrfan, he is going to take your place’ And I wanted to disappear from there. I just felt like this is the worst thing one person can tell another person. But Irrfan was totally having fun with that.”

Vijay recalled that after this encounter, he sent a long message to Irrfan Khan. “Then I had to send a long message to him saying that this comparison is wrong. It’s wrong for you because what you have done is very different and probably nobody will ever come close and stuff like that. I reached out because I was feeling damn embarrassed of it,” he said.

Vijay, in an earlier conversation with Filmfare, had shared that Irrfan would often recommend his name to various producers. “I found out that after Irrfan had watched Pink, he kept recommending my name to various producers who were looking for young actors. A couple of producers have told me that Irrfan told them, ‘Isko lo yaar.‘ He had this way of helping people that was so generous,” he shared.

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