Vir Das says ‘the universe is full circle’ as he wins International Emmy two years after being called a ‘terrorist and traitor’ | Television News


Comedian Vir Das went from being labelled a traitor to his nation to making Indians proud by winning an International Emmy Award on Tuesday. Das won the honour for his latest stand-up special, Landing, in his second nomination. Some months before the release of the special, he found himself involved in the biggest controversy of his career on the heels of his Two Indias video. The video was released online almost exactly two years ago.

He shared the International Emmy with the Irish comedy series Derry Girls, at a ceremony where he was nominated alongside fellow Indians Jim Sarbh and Shefali Shah. Producer Ekta Kapoor was also honoured at the ceremony with the special International Emmy Directorate Award. Das and Derry Girls were nominated alongside France’s Le Flambeau annd Argentina’s El Encargado.


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A day prior to the ceremony in New York, Das took to Instagram to share a video in which he highlighted the journey he’s been on for the last couple of years. “The universe is a full circle. So just wanted to say thanks 🙏 and that if anyone out there is ever in the dark, stay till sunlight, and know that love will find you, and the universe will carry you,” he captioned the video, which included clips from Landing. In the special Das addressed the controversy that had erupted because of the Two Indias video, and narrated a story about returning to India after being labelled a traitor. He also revealed that the controversy affected him financially, with shows being cancelled and him being barred from performing in certain states. Actor Kangana Ranaut called him a ‘criminal’.

Watch Vir Das at Indian Express Adda

At the Indian Express Adda recently, He spoke about his identity, and said, “I am a citizen of India. Every fabric of my being identifies as Indian. But that doesn’t mean that I identify with your version of India. There are too many versions of India for me to identify just one of them.”

Celebrating his International Emmy win, Das said in a statement, “This moment is truly surreal – an incredible honor that feels like a dream. Winning an Emmy is not just a milestone for me but for Indian comedy as a whole. It’s heartening to see Vir Das: Landing resonate globally, thanks to Netflix, Aakash Sharma and Reg Tigerman who made it special. My journey from crafting local stories to receiving a global accolade has been both challenging and rewarding, and Netflix has been instrumental in that growth. I’m excited about the continued exploration of diverse narratives, from Noida to the International Emmys – India gets you there.”


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