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Renowned comedian and actor Vir Das and Derry Girls Season 3 won the International Emmy for Comedy at the International Emmy Awards 2023 on Tuesday.

Vir Das won the award for his Netflix comedy special titled Vir Das: Landing. This marked Vir’s second International Emmy nomination. Das and Derry Girls were nominated alongside France’s Le Flambeau annd Argentina’s El Encargado.

Widely regarded as one of the pioneers in India’s modern stand-up comedy scene, Vir Das has appeared in over 100 stand-up shows and boasts multiple stand-up specials. He has also acted in over 15 films.

In 2021, the comedian’s monologue Two Indias, performed at the John F Kennedy Centre in Washington DC, sparked significant controversy. During the monologue, he delved into the duality of the country, addressing topics such as the response to Covid-19, air pollution, farmers’ agitation, cricket, and incidents of rape.

Vir Das at Express Adda: ‘What it means to be an Indian’

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Vir and actors Shefali Shah and Jim Sarbh were chief guests at a recent edition of The Indian Express Adda. Speaking on the occasion, he opened up about stand-up comedy and the role it plays.

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“My job was created so that kings could be humanised for their subjects and big stars could be seen as fallible. Don’t be mad at me because I have pointed out the cracks (in society). Japanese people fill gold in the cracks and make it beautiful. That’s what we are doing here.”

At the 51st International Emmy Awards, Vir, Shefali and Jim brought a touch of Indian glamour to the opening cocktail night in New York. On the occasion, the trio paid homage to their Indian roots with sartorial choices that stole the spotlight.


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