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Volvo India is planning to introduce two new all-electric SUVs by 2025. The Swedish automaker has confirmed the imminent arrival of its flagship electric SUV, the EX90, alongside its entry-level counterpart, the EX30, signaling a significant stride towards sustainable mobility solutions in India. Currently, Volvo boasts a commendable lineup of electric vehicles in India, comprising the XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge models.

Volvo EX90

The EX90 is a seven-seater SUV and was unveiled globally in 2022. It is built on the brand’s cutting-edge EV SPA2 architecture. The EX90 shares its roots with the acclaimed Polestar 3. It is equipped with a formidable 111kWh battery pack. The EX90 boasts a claimed range of 600km on a single charge, setting a new standard for electric vehicle endurance. Powering this flagship SUV are two electric motors, one mounted on each axle, delivering a performance of up to 500bhp and 900Nm of peak torque.

Volvo EX30

Complementing the EX90 is the EX30, positioned as Volvo’s entry-level electric SUVs. Based on parent company Geely’s renowned SEA platform, shared with the Jeep Avenger EV, the EX30 inherits Volvo’s signature design language while offering a more accessible option for electric vehicle enthusiasts. It features a 69kWh battery pack and a twin motor setup with a claimed range of up to 474km on a full charge.

In tandem with its electric expansion plans, Volvo has undertaken a global rebranding initiative, renaming its EV lineup to align with its evolving vision. The XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge models are now known as the EX40 and EC40, respectively. Furthermore, both models have received a performance boost, with their power output increased to 436bhp, reaffirming Volvo’s commitment to delivering exhilarating driving experiences without compromising on sustainability.

Exploring Manufacturing Opportunities in India

In a strategic move to expand its manufacturing footprint, Volvo is considering India as a potential manufacturing base. With existing production facilities in China, Sweden, and the US, Volvo aims to capitalize on India’s burgeoning automotive sector, leveraging local assembly capabilities for domestic sales and potential exports. Volvo is yet to finalize its decision regarding manufacturing in India.

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