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New Delhi: The wait is over for investors eagerly waiting for the much-anticipated debut of Tata Technologies in the Indian stock market. Tata Technologies IPO shares listing is scheduled for today (November 30) on BSE and NSE.

“Trading Members of the Exchange are hereby informed that effective from Thursday, November 30, 2023, the equity shares of Tata Technologies Limited shall be listed and admitted to dealings on the Exchange in the list of ‘B ‘ Group of Securities,” a BSE notice has said.

Tata Technologies IPO Shares Listing Today: Will Investors Make Money? Check What Expert Says

Vaibhav Kaushik, Research Analyst at GCL Broking said that the listing premium may be about 75-80 per cent above the issue price of Rs 500 per share.

“Therefore, one can predict the opening price could range at about Rs 875-900, with the reasons being cited by the experts include the company’s credible leadership, robust health of the finances, good IPO subscription figures, and a promising future outlook in the engineering services,” Kaushik added.

He further said that a significant increase over and above 75% of the issue price of Rs. 500 per share can be anticipated in this context of overwhelming investors demand and investors friendly pricing indicative of Tata Group legacy in terms of rewarding shareholders. 

“Additionally, a chance exists according to street theory that Tata technologies might be considered a second listed company. This seems to be a good listing premium justifiable mainly because of the super TATA tag parentage which enjoys the first preference among the investors’ community and its unique well-established international business model which fundamentally gives reasonable margins in the sector it serves,” Kaushik said.

In light of the immense growth potential in outsourcing, the business model would be in huge demand in the future. The grey market as well is signalling a listing premium of 80-82 per cent higher than the issue price, he reiterated.       


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