WATCH: Chinese Doctor Punches 82-Year-Old Patient In Face During Surgery, Shocking Video Goes Viral, Sparks Outrage | World News


BEIJING: In a disturbing incident that occurred in 2019 but has recently surfaced on Chinese social media, a video showing a Chinese surgeon physically assaulting an 82-year-old patient during eye surgery has gone viral, prompting widespread condemnation and reigniting concerns about the conduct of medical practitioners.

The footage, which has shocked viewers, shows the surgeon forcefully punching the elderly woman in the face multiple times. The incident took place at Aier China’s hospital in Guigang, sparking an immediate investigation by hospital authorities. In response to the gravity of the situation, the parent group, Aier China, swiftly suspended the surgeon, who also serves as the hospital dean, and dismissed the CEO of the facility.

Hospital Tenders Apology

According to reports, the patient suffered visible injuries, including bruises on her forehead, as a result of the assault. The hospital management has issued a public apology, acknowledging the patient’s distress and compensating her with 500 yuan (approximately £55). The son of the elderly woman revealed that his mother is now blind in her left eye, though it remains unclear if this impairment is directly linked to the incident.




Aier China Issues Statement

Aier China released a statement shedding light on the incident, explaining that the surgeon’s actions were a response to the patient’s continuous movement during surgery. The statement emphasized that the patient, who spoke a local dialect, did not respond to warnings given in Mandarin. In what was described as an “emergency situation,” the doctor treated the patient roughly.

CEO Dismissal And Surgeon’s Suspension

In a decisive move, the parent company, Aier China, announced the dismissal of the CEO of Guigang Hospital and the suspension of the involved surgeon. The company cited “serious violations of the group’s regulations” as the basis for these actions.

Old Video Goes Viral 

Despite the incident occurring in December 2019, it only gained widespread attention this week after the video surfaced on social media platforms. The shocking footage, recorded by a camera overlooking the surgery, captures the surgeon’s sudden and aggressive actions, causing a visible reaction from the patient.

Prominent Doctor Sparks Virality

Prominent Chinese doctor Ai Fen played a pivotal role in bringing the incident to public attention. Known for her role in alerting the public to the initial outbreak of Covid-19 in Wuhan, Dr. Ai Fen shared the CCTV footage online, causing it to go viral on Weibo, China’s influential social media platform.

Dr. Ai Fen And Past Controversies

Dr. Ai Fen, who has over two million followers on Weibo, has been involved in legal disputes with Aier China. In 2021, she claimed to have experienced vision impairment after undergoing surgery at one of the group’s hospitals, an allegation denied by the company.

This shocking incident underscores the importance of ensuring ethical conduct within the medical profession and the need for transparent investigations to maintain public trust in healthcare institutions.


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