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New Delhi: Renowned business tycoon Anand Mahindra recently took to social media platform X to share a fascinating video showcasing an extraordinary property — a plane transformed into a luxurious villa. Along with sharing the video, Mahindra added his trademark wit, expressing a humorous concern regarding the unique accommodation.

Mahindra’s Amusement

In his post, Mahindra marveled at the ingenuity of developer Felix Demin, who converted a retired plane into a two-bedroom villa, complete with a swimming pool. (Also Read: Want To Save Money On Taxed Income? Check THESE 5 Tax-Saving Instrument)

While praising Demin’s boundless imagination, Mahindra humorously pondered the potential “jet lag” post-stay, indicating his amusement and intrigue towards the unconventional lodging option. (Also Read: ICICI Revises Fixed Deposit Rates: Check Latest Interest Rate For Different FD Tenures)

The Captivating Video

The shared video provides a tour of the villa, with Demin showcasing its luxurious amenities and unique features. From spacious interiors to lavish furnishings, the converted plane villa offers an unparalleled experience for its guests.

User Reactions On X

Mahindra’s post garnered significant attention on X, accumulating over 4.5 lakh views and nearly 4,900 likes within a day. X users expressed their admiration for the unusual villa, with comments ranging from awe to appreciation for the innovative concept.

X users shared their thoughts on the villa, with many expressing admiration for its uniqueness. Comments included praises such as “This is awesome,” and “Just one word – Amazing,” highlighting the widespread appreciation for Demin’s creation.

About Luxury Villa

Located on a clifftop near Nyang-Nyang beach in Bali, Felix Demin’s converted Boeing 737 villa offers a luxurious retreat for travelers seeking a unique experience. According to CNN, the tariff for the villa starts from around $7,000, reflecting the exclusivity and luxury it offers to its guests.

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