‘We Aren’t Stopping And Won’t Stop Until Victory’: Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Warns Hamas | World News


Tel Aviv: In a big warning to the Palestinian armed group Hamas, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has once again affirmed the nation’s unwavering commitment to securing the release of each hostage held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The Prime Minister emphasized that every possible effort is being exerted, including necessary military pressure, to achieve this crucial goal.

Addressing the Knesset, Netanyahu stated, “We aren’t stopping, and we won’t stop until victory because we have no other land and no other path.”  Despite stiff opposition from the hostages’ families, who voiced their concerns over their delayed release, Netanyahu has stood firm in his commitment.

Families Demand Action Now

In a special parliamentary session attended by the families of the hostages, emotions ran high as Netanyahu asserted, “We won’t stop fighting,” while acknowledging the need for time. Urgency echoed through the Knesset gallery as one relative exclaimed, “We don’t have time,” prompting the families to chant, “Now! Now! Now!” demanding the immediate release of their loved ones.

Global Diplomatic Appeals

Netanyahu revealed diplomatic efforts to seek international support, having reached out to Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Additionally, his wife, Sara, directly appealed to the Pope, aiming to rally global backing for the hostages’ cause.

Israeli Raids Uncover Cache Of Explosives

As the conflict persists, the Nahal Brigade, representing Israel’s military presence, executed raids on two schools in Gaza City’s Daraj and Tuffah neighborhoods. Intelligence reports suggested Hamas operatives were using these complexes. The troops encountered and neutralized several Hamas gunmen, discovering dozens of explosive devices, assault rifles, and 15 explosive belts.

Long Battle Ahead

During a visit to the war zone in Gaza, Netanyahu asserted that the war against Hamas is far from over. Speaking at a Likud faction meeting, he emphasized the continuation of the fight, deepening efforts in the coming days. Netanyahu highlighted the significance of patience, unity, and unwavering commitment to the mission.

Soldiers’ Plea: ‘Don’t Stop Until the End’

Netanyahu shared insights from his visit to a reservist brigade in Gaza, revealing the soldiers’ unified plea: “Everyone asked me only one thing – that we don’t stop and continue until the end.” As Israel braces for an extended battle, the Prime Minister remains steadfast in the pursuit of victory against Hamas.


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