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New Delhi: Tanya Deol, Bobby Deol’s wife, has always stayed away from the spotlight but has continued to be a support system for the bollywood star. While Bobby Deol is having an incredible time of his life right now (thanks to his amazing performance in the immensely popular film Animal), he has always maintained that Tanya, his wife, is the reason for what he is today.

Let’s learn more about the star actor’s wife Tanya Deol, her educational qualifications, her venture et al.

Who Is Tanya Deol?

Bobby Deol’s wife Tanya Deol is a successful businesswoman. She is an interior designer and a fashion designer by profession. She has a diploma in interior design and owns her own chain of personalized furniture in Mumbai. She has also contributed to Bollywood films Jurm and Nanhe Jaisalmer as a costume designer.

Tanya’s father was Devendra Ahuja, a multimillionaire businessman. He was a prominent banker as the MD of 20th Century Finance and the promoter of Centurion Bank. When he passed away in 2010, his estate included properties and shares valued at least Rs 300 crore. Tanya also has a sister, Munisha, and a brother, Vikram Ahuja.

Tanya And Bobby Deol’s Love Story

Bobby and Tanya saw each other for the first time at an Italian cafe in Mumbai. Bobby instantly fell in love with her. After getting Tanya’s number, he gave her a call to ask her out. Tanya accepted Bobby’s invitation to go on a date after being impressed by his efforts. The two of them started hanging out soon after their first date. Tanya accepted Bobby’s proposal, and the two got married in a traditional Indian wedding in 1996. The couple has two sons.

Tanya And Bobby’s Relation

Bobby is completely enamored with Tanya. He has always considered Tanya as his pillar of support. Bobby has always maintained that Tanya is the reason for his being, and he considers himself fortunate. In a media interview, Bobby stated that he is a very open-minded person. He has never made his wife feel less confident in herself, suppressed her, or prevented her from working. 

The couple currently owns an opulent Rs 6 crore home in Vile Parle, Mumbai. Their sons, Aryaman and Dharam Deol, will make their film debuts soon.


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