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New Delhi: Tipping to food delivery agents is just a basic acknowledgement of the effort and risk they put into doing the jobs. Delivery drivers rely on the generosity of the customers to earn a decent living since they sometimes earn lower hourly rates than other occupations. Unfortunately, rather than appreciating the human efforts of delivery heroes, some people make fun of them when they ask for a tip for late night food delivery. 

A woman who posted a screenshot of her discussion mocking a Zomato delivery agent’s request for a tip in ‘X’ has come under fire on the internet.

A social media user named @priiyyyyyy, uploaded a screenshot of a message from a Zomato delivery partner who had delivered her order late at night. The message of the agent was, “Pls give tip after delivery.” It further said, “For late night.” The woman uploaded the screenshot of the message in ‘X’ along with a caption, “it’s weird bro.”.

The post went viral quickly, but was harshly criticised by social media users calling it a ‘shameful’ and ‘insensitive’.

One user said, “Enjoy your few minutes of fame on the platform, where nobody actually cares. There was no need to dox the delivery partner, but hell yeah, you just want to do it to get validation in your social circle?” 

“If he looses job, it’s on you. Learn some basic etiquettes,” another criticised.

Another said, “What’s the point of making it public? Even if you have given 1000s, it does not matter now. What matters is integrity. He might lose his job because of this showoff from you.”

Another wrote, “But he’s not demanding anything wrong, bola bhi itna tameez se hai, please please laga ke.”

“You’re shaming a low-wage employee for asking for a tip for an honest deal of work, when in fact, you need to be shamed because almost every tweet of yours is copied from elsewhere on Twitter/X, Instagram, or other social media. Get a life, Twitter ki Pri-tam. Sayogita wins this,” another user commented.

A user wrote, “You could have given Rs 10 instead of making a noise on the internet. You don’t know what he must be going through.”

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