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New Delhi: The majority of companies are reversing the work-from-home trend and Zerodha is one of them. Nithin Kamath, CEO of the stockbroker firm took to X (Formerly Twitter), to shed light on the company’s decision to revert to office work after a stint of remote working during the pandemic.

Kamath, through a post detailed the challenges faced by various teams within Zerodha while working remotely and the subsequent shift back to the office environment. (Also Read: Big Blow To Loan Borrowers! BoI Raises Lending Rate By 10 Basis Points

Nithin Kamath’s Post

During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, like many other organizations, Zerodha swiftly transitioned to remote work to ensure business continuity. (Also Read: ‘I Started My Career On Shop Floor Of An Auto Plant’: Anand Mahindra To Elon Musk)

However, Kamath revealed that the experience had not been entirely smooth sailing for all teams. He acknowledged that while remote work had its advantages, it also led to communication gaps and challenges for critical decision-making teams, such as business and technology.

Zerodha Asked Employees To Return To Office

In response to these challenges, Zerodha decided to gradually transition back to office work. Kamath highlighted the positive impact observed since 10 percent of the core workforce had resumed reporting to the office.

He emphasized that this move had facilitated better communication and collaboration within the organization, ultimately improving productivity.

CTO’s Experience

Kamath also shared a blog post by Zerodha’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Kailash Nadh, which further elucidated the challenges faced by the company during remote work and the benefits of returning to the office. 

Social Media Reaction

Kamath’s post garnered netizens’ attention on social media platforms. The comment section is full of a diverse range of reactions from users. Some of them are:

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