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New Delhi: The situation faced by Indian youths who traveled to Russia in search of jobs is quite alarming. They’re encountering numerous difficulties amidst the Russia-Ukraine conflict. These students come from different parts of India, but they share a common struggle—their desperate need for employment that is being exploited by predators lurking around online. Their struggle is linked to the misleading information spread by a YouTube channel.

In an exclusive story, The Indian Express spoke to the families of these students to understand the challenges are facing. The Indian students who went in search of good prospects rather ended up in danger in the Moscow warzone war after being promised a job.

The Indian Express, narrating the story of Mohammed Afsan, aged 30, from Hyderabad, and Mohammed Sufiyan, aged 23, from Narayanpet district, found how these boys traveled to Moscow in November and December and got trapped.

An agent promised them better jobs in Moscow but instead they were given just 15 days of training and then sent to Ukraine amid the ongoing war. There, they are being compelled to live alongside Russian soldiers fighting in the conflict, as reported by their families to Indian Express.

Mohammad Afsan used to work as a salesman in a clothing store. However, when he was offered a job in Moscow, he decided to go there. He was told he would earn Rs 45,000 per month initially, and later it would increase to Rs 1.5 lakh. Furthermore, he was promised the opportunity to apply for a Russian passport and citizenship after working for a year. Afsan found this offer very tempting and left for Moscow on November 9th, the Indian Express reported

Afsan made his final video call from the border between Russia and Ukraine on December 31st. Since then, his family has not been able to contact him. They provided this information themselves. The family also told Indian Express that “He also suffered serious leg injuries and we request the Central Government to make arrangements to bring him back.”

Another young man who goes by the name of Sufiyan, used to work in a packing company in Dubai and earned Rs 30,000 per month. Sufiyan’s brother, Syed Salman, revealed the Indian Express that Sufiyan got in touch with an agent named Faisal Khan, who operates a YouTube channel. It was Faisal Khan who encouraged Sufiyan to apply for the job in Moscow. According to Salman, Sufiyan was told that the job was for an assistant in a Russian government office and that he would be paid over Rs 1 lakh per month. With this assurance, Sufiyan also decided to go to Russia.

During a video call with his brother, Sufiyan mentioned that he and other Indian youths were taken to a military camp and given training after three days. Sufiyan’s family states that Indian youths are being placed at the frontlines of the war, and Sufiyan’s life was saved once. However, they are unable to contact Sufiyan now. Mustafa, the brother of Sameer, another young man who went to Moscow, said that during a call four to five days ago, Sameer seemed very scared. Sameer requested Mustafa to contact authorities to ensure his safe return.

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