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New Delhi: Zomato, the food delivery company has come up with a new innovative idea on the occasion of International Women’s Day by introducing a fresh dress code for its female delivery partners. Using Instagram as their platform, the food delivery company announced that female drivers now have the choice to wear kurtas. 

“Starting today, Zomato women delivery partners can choose to wear a kurta, In the caption of the post”, the company mentioned in the caption of their post. (Also Read: Bank Employees To Receive 17% Annual Wage Hike; IBA, Unions Sign Joint Note)

The video highlighted the voices of many female delivery partners who expressed discomfort with Zomato’s standard western-style t-shirts. In response, the company introduced kurtas as an alternative attire choice. Female delivery drivers were showcased in the video wearing these newly introduced kurtas, expressing their appreciation for the company’s considerate gesture. (Also Read: Big Relief To THESE EPF Members: Exempt From Joint Declaration Form Submission)

The video has gone viral, with netizens offering numerous positive feedback. Many are commending Zomato for its progressive initiative, which has garnered widespread acclaim across social media platforms.

One of the individuals wrote, “wonderful initiative.”

Another commented, “Kurtos to our women.”

The third one remarked, “Zomato, these are the efforts that actually promote inclusivity. Super impressive!!”

The fourth user wrote, “Loved it, great work.”

“A great initiative.”, expressed the fifth user.

Numerous leading brands, including Ajio, Mamaearth, and Wforwoman, among others, have also joined the conversation by commenting on the post.

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