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New Delhi: In a surprising turn of events, a woman from Bengaluru recently shared her unexpected encounter with a cockroach in her sandwich on the popular online platform Reddit. The incident sparked widespread attention and concern among netizens, shedding light on food safety issues and prompting discussions about hygiene standards in the food industry.

A Reddit user named ‘NomadicGeek1’ posted on the platform, stating,  “Cockroach in sandwich ordered from FreshMenu, Sanjay Nagar from Zomato”.

Cockroach in sandwich ordered from FreshMenu, Sanjay Nagar from Zomato

byu/NomadicGeek1 inbangalore

The customer also uploaded a photo of the meal displaying a partially eaten sandwich with a cockroach next to it. This post was recently shared on Reddit and has received nearly 400 upvotes since being posted. Additionally, it has attracted numerous comments. (Also Read: Swiggy Clears Air On Viral Post Mocking Zomato Amid ‘Pure Veg’ Controversy)

The post has received various responses from internet users. Here are some of the reactions:

One of the user wrote, “Best stay away from any cloud kitchens on Swiggy/Zomato. Quality and standards are not restaurant level. Especially Freshmenu.” (Also Read: Gold Hits Record High: Surges To Rs 66,778 Per 10 Gms)

“What I’ve observed nowadays is, if i were to search for any dish on Zomato, the first few search results/ads/recommendation are from cloud kitchens. I literally take ten+ minutes to search for the restaurants again on Google and see if it’s actually a regular restaurant lmao”, wrote the second one.

“They really need to label the cloud kitchens or provide a filter. It gets difficult to figure out about the quality of an establishment since most cloud kitchens aren’t listed on Google Maps.”, stated the third user.

The fourth user wrote “I just had some food from the fresh menu(Zomato cloud kitchen), It was absolutely fresh and extremely good. Comparatively swiggy has the worst cloud kitchen to Zomato but your experience puts it on balance like all things in the world and please tag Zomato on Twitter with pic please.”

“Do mot order from FreshMenu. Even employees from freshmenu dont eat their food. Its always old stuff.”, added a fifth user.

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