Zooom Joins Back Indian Aviation Industry, Will Offer Services On Delhi-Ayodhya Route | Aviation News


Zooom airlines has announced to commence its operations again in the Indian skies. The airline has decided to operate on the Delhi-Ayodhya route, considering its huge popularity. Zooom will put to use its Bombardier CRJ200ER plane in service on the route. The aviation watchdog, Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), gave a green signal to the airline in August last year to restart their operations in India.

Zooom airlines or Zexus Air, initially established in April 2013, acquired its first aircraft, a Bombardier CRJ200. However, it only commenced operations in February 2017. Despite its efforts, the airline struggled to draw significant air passenger traffic.

Due to safety concerns, DGCA suspended its air operator certificate in July 2018 for a period exceeding a year.

“We are delighted to announce the relaunch of Zooom, with services connecting Ayodhya and Delhi. Zooom is dedicated to enhancing regional connectivity in India. The new flight services aim to connect people, cultures, and regions to this spiritual hub,” said Zooom’s Chief Executive Officer Atul Gambhir.

“We are witnessing a significant increase in domestic air travel passengers in India. The proliferation of low-cost airline flights, streamlined booking systems, improved customer experience, and flexible airline schedules are key factors contributing to this growth. Zooom will align with these growth elements, enhancing the travel experience and making it more appealing for individuals with a focus on quality improvement,” said Gambhir.

He said that the airline will also persist in its support role, promoting the Government’s Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS-UDAN) by launching additional services focused on the UDAN routes as part of its service revival.

“We are also considering the exploration of new routes and expanding our network to include more tier-2 cities. This will provide passengers with additional travel options, contributing further to the growth of the domestic aviation sector,” said Gambhir.

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