2024 Mahindra Thar 5-door Snapped Again: Top 5 Changes It Will Feature Over 3-Door Model | Auto News


The demand for lifestyle vehicles has witnessed a consistent increase. The Thar enjoys strong attention in this segment, and it is now ready for an upgrade with the inclusion of 2 extra doors. The SUV is currently in its testing phase and is getting a lot of attention as it is different from the older 3 door version. The 2024 Mahindra Thar 5 door version will be a more practical iteration of the popular off road SUV that has been making waves in the automotive world. We are going to tell you about five big changes in the new model and give you an idea of how much it might cost. 

 Mahindra Thar 10.25-inch Instrument Cluster:

One of the most significant upgrades in the new 2024 Mahindra thar is the introduction of a 10.25-inch instruction cluster. This advance digital display will not only improve the vehicle’s interior aesthetics but also provide driver more easy readable set of vehicle diagnostics and information, that will improve the driving experience to new level 

Mahindra Thar 2024 10.25-inch Infotainment Unit:

The new Mahindra Thar 2024 will also feature a 10.25-inch infotainment system. This one for playing music, showing maps and other cool stuff. this going to make drive more enjoyable for both the driver and passengers 

 Revised Seating Layout With Individual Front Armrests:

This time in 2024 Mahindra Thar is set to introduce a revised seating layout accommodating more passengers comfortably. This change will offer more space and comfort. The addition of individual front armrests will further enhance the comfort level making log drive more enjoyable.

Mahindra Thar 2024 Dash Camera:

The new Mahindra Thar 2024 is getting a cool update with a dash camera. This camera is really handy for recording your trips and adventures. Plus, it’s super useful if you ever have an accident on the road. It’s like an extra safety feature that keeps a video record of what’s happening when you drive.

Mahindra Thar 2024 Sunroof:

Another awesome new thing in the 2024 Thar is a sunroof. This means you can open up the top of the car to let in sunlight and fresh air. It’s perfect for people who love driving through beautiful places and feeling close to nature. And don’t worry, the Thar is still tough and ready for off-road adventures, even with this fancy sunroof.

2024 Mahindra Thar Price: How Much Will It Cost?

We don’t know the exact prices of the 2024 Mahindra Thar 5-door yet, but we believe it will be a bit more expensive than the outgoing 3-door model. This makes sense because it’s bigger and has cool new features. But Mahindra usually makes sure you get a good deal for what you pay, so the price should be fair for a car like this.


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