Big Setback For Maldivian President Muizzu; Parliament To Hold Impeachment Motion Against Him | World News


In a big setback for Maldivian President Mohamed Muizzu, the opposition party which holds a majority in the country’s Parliament, has gathered enough signatures to submit a motion to impeach the President. According to a statement attributed to a legislator from the MDP, the MDP and Democrats have collaborated to collect signatures for an impeachment resolution. A collective endorsement of 34 members, comprising representatives from both the MDP and Democrats, has been secured for the motion seeking the president’s impeachment, which was interrupted amid yesterday’s turmoil in the Maldivian parliament.

According to reports, the MDP had decided it would deny approval to Ali Ihusan, the home minister, and Mohamed Ghassan Maumoon, the defence minister, if government lawmakers continued to disrupt the Parliament. Meanwhile, after a skirmish between political leaders inside the Maldivian Parliament, heavy police arrangements have been made to tighten the security in the parliament ahead of today’s session, according to Adhahdhu.

A video disseminated by the media depicted police personnel gathering outside the Parliament complex, equipped with protective shields. On Sunday, the Maldives Parliament experienced unrest as members of the government’s PPM/PNC party disrupted the proceedings and the Speaker. A pivotal vote regarding parliamentary approval for the Muizzu government was slated for that Sunday.

As dramatic visuals surfaced on social media from Male, a fight between MDP MP Isa and PNC MP Abdullah Shaheem, Abdul Hakeem was seen. According to reports, one video showcased Shaheem gripping Isa’s leg and the two falling together, whereas another visual that went viral on social media showed Isa kicking Shaheem’s neck and pulling his hair.

The ruling coalition parties, the PNC and the PPP, released a statement portraying the ministers’ refusal as an impediment to the delivery of public services.


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