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Railway bureaucrat Ananth Rupanagudi Wednesday took to X to share one of the main reasons for breaking of snack trays in Indian trains such as Vande Bharat Express.

Rupanagudi, additional divisional railway manager (ADRM), Chennai, shared a photo of two toddlers sitting on the snack trays while their parents were sitting on the chairs. The officer said that even with such photographic evidence, people say he passes on the blame to only passengers.

“One of the main reasons for breaking of snack trays or defective snack trays in #VandeBharat and other trains! Even with photographic evidence, whiners would say that I pass on the blame only to passengers!” Rupanagudi wrote.

“Well I would say the table trays should be designed to function like baby seats in next version of Vande Bharat,” a user commented. “Jokes apart I think there should be provision for basinet seats and staff on the train should discourage such behavior of misusing seats. Small infants are fine but from your pictures it seems like toddlers!” another person wrote.

Replying to another comment, Rupanagudi said, “As I said, a snack tray is a snack tray and let’s keep it at that. There can be an endless discussion on design but everything has got cost implications and there are 1000 such seats in every 16-coach train.”

The railway bureaucrat also retweeted a post by an account called Trains of India (@trainwalebhaiya) that highlighted the practice of keeping the train coaches clean.

Festive offer

The post was about five friends who undertook a sleeper class journey from Bihar’s Darbhanga to Delhi and kept a bag with them to keep their garbage. Upon reaching Delhi, they disposed the waste in a dustbin.

Rupanagudi appreciated their effort as he wrote, “Such small initiatives by passengers at the time of travel can go a long way in improving cleanliness in trains and at stations. Passengers may also carry old newspapers to spread them on the berth while having their meals. This will prevent soiling of the linen.”


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