Customer Get Delayed Food Delivery On Tuesday, Swiggy Blames 'Weekend Peak Hour', Chat Goes Viral

[ad_1] Expressing his concern, the customer took to social media platforms, including the ‘Delhi’ subreddit, to share his perplexing experience. What are the characteristics and temperament of large Japanese dog breeds?

Delhi Man’s Rs 340 Cab Booking Turns Into Rs 648 Nightmare: Here’s What Happened NEXT | Companies News

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44-Year-Old Indian CEO Quits Rs 1 Crore Salary Job Because He Got Bored | Companies News

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Paramotoring 97-year-old woman soars high in Pune, inspires netizens | Trending News

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Woman who ‘married’ a rag doll hosts gender-reveal party for rag doll child, netizens intrigued | Trending News

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Patron of surrealism, British poet Edward James turned wife’s footprints into art at Monkton House | Trending News

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