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You must have watched the movie Lagaan, which was based on the truth of arbitrary land taxes imposed by the British during the colonial era in India. You must have also heard about the East India Company, infamous for plundering and exploiting Indians. You might be wondering why we are discussing all this. Well, now we are going to reveal in today’s DNA that even in independent India, a private company is collecting ‘Lagaan’ from people. After knowing about it, the ground beneath your feet will shake. Because today, we are going to expose the East India Company of independent India. 

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It has become a real estate company in the Thane district of Maharashtra, near Mumbai, specifically in the Mira Bhayandar area. Not only has it illegally seized land in Mira Bhayandar, but it has also established a system of land extortion throughout the entire area. Moreover, whenever a building is constructed in the Mira Bhayandar area, one must first obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from this private company. In exchange for NOC, this private company extorts lakhs of rupees. You would be surprised to know that this private company owns all the land in the Mira Bhayandar area. And the government has given this right to the company. This is the biggest land fraud in independent India. Today, we are going to expose it with solid evidence and witnesses.

India is in the golden era of its independence. We have been free from British slavery for more than 75 years. But if we tell you that even today there are places in our country where the laws of the British are in force. 75 years after independence, people are still being forced to put a lien on their land. 

How did a private company get a license to acquire land in Mirabhyandar? And on what basis is this extortion being carried out? We have contacted local social workers and leaders working in the Mira Bhayandar area who are fighting a legal battle against The Estate Investment Company’s land extortion.

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