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A doctor travelling to Toronto from Delhi on an Air India flight was called to attend to a middle-aged woman who had seizures and was disoriented. Dr Sundar Sankaran, from Bengaluru, has shared online his experience about dealing with the emergency.

Dr Sankaran said he and a radiologist from Toronto, Satheesh Krishna (@SatheeshToronto), were called to attend to the woman. He said the flight was yet to take off and her vitals were fortunately stable. With the help of doctors from the Medanta Hospital, they were able to offload her. “The Air India staff were very cooperative and professional,” he wrote on Monday on X, formerly Twitter.

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The aircraft underwent security screening and clearance afterwards and the flight was delayed for an hour.

Dr Sankaran said it was the third time he had been called on board in the 45 years of his career. He recalled the first time it happened was on a Delhi-Bengaluru flight when an Indian Air Force officer developed chest pain. He was able to give him emergency care and the officer was immediately taken to the command hospital. He was treated for acute myocardial infarction.

Dr Sankaran then received a thank you letter from the IAF chief, but what was even more touching was a letter of thanks from the officer’s wife and daughter. “For a young doctor who had just begun his career the letters meant a lot,” he said.

Air India replied to the tweet and thanked the doctor. “Dear Mr Sankaran, we honor you for the part you played! Thank you. It always feels blessed to have a persona like you amongst us, who never hesitate to extend their helping hands for people. Thank you for noticing our staff commitment and will surely pass on your appreciation,” it wrote.

“It’s awesome you’ve kept that same passion for caring for people all these years. Keep up the great work, doc! You rock,” an X user said. “Your dedication exemplify the best in medical expertise. A hero,” wrote another.


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