Donald Trump Wins New Hampshire Primary Against Nikki Haley In US Presidential Run-Up | World News


NEW YORK: In a pivotal moment for the Republican presidential race, Donald Trump has emerged victorious in the New Hampshire primary, propelling him closer to clinching the nomination. The final outcome remains uncertain as the vote count continues, leaving observers to question if Trump has definitively knocked Nikki Haley out of the contest.

Haley’s Defiant Stance: Former UN Ambassador Warns Democrats Fear Trump

Following the vote, Nikki Haley, Trump’s sole remaining challenger, declared the race “far from over” and asserted that Democrats actively desire to face her former boss. Haley, 52, cautioned that Trump is perceived as the only Republican Joe Biden can defeat.

Challenging Path Ahead: Haley’s Upset Hopes Dashed Despite Strong Turnout

Despite a strong voter turnout in New Hampshire, Haley’s aspirations for a major upset were quickly dashed as projections indicated her defeat. Polls suggested that her efforts in the northeastern state merely created a speed bump, making the upcoming challenges, especially in her home state of South Carolina, crucial for her campaign’s survival.

Two-Person Race: Analysts Assess Trump Vs. Biden As The Main Showdown

With Trump’s dominant position in national Republican polling, analysts like Keith Nahigian view the race as a two-person contest between Trump and Biden. The former president’s message, a blend of personal grievance and right-wing culture war, has given him substantial leads, even as Haley questioned his mental fitness and warned of potential chaos.

Campaign Dynamics: Trump’s Strategy And Haley’s Attempt To Sway Independents

While Trump did minimal campaigning in New Hampshire, his message resonated with his base. Haley, on the other hand, sought to appeal to independents, hoping they would see her as a moderate alternative. Her efforts to convey that most Americans do not want a Trump-Biden rematch faced challenges, with Trump claiming false Democratic involvement in the Republican contest.

Biden’s Unofficial Victory: Democrats Defy Party Order In New Hampshire

Simultaneously, New Hampshire Democrats defied a national party order to hold their primary later. Despite the absence of official candidate paperwork, broadcasters projected Biden as a “write-in” winner, campaigning against Trump’s stance on abortion rights alongside Vice President Kamala Harris in Virginia.

Post-Election Statements: Biden Campaign Reacts To Trump’s Victory

After the New Hampshire results, the Biden campaign issued a statement, suggesting that Trump had “all but locked up” the nomination. Describing the MAGA movement as “election-denying” and “anti-freedom,” the campaign asserted its takeover of the Republican Party. In this evolving presidential race, the dynamics between Trump, Haley, and Biden are setting the stage for fierce competition with significant implications for the future of American politics.


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