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New Delhi: The construction of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya is evidence of the combined effort and financial assistance from a diverse range of donors. The temple has been constructed thanks to donations from Lord Rama devotees both domestically and overseas. Donations for the Temple project are reported to have exceeded Rs 5,500 crore thus far. Generous donations from devotees have aided in the construction of the Ram temple. 

Let us know who has has made a warm-hearted donation towards the construction of the magnificent Ram Temple in Ayodhya (the following listicle on the amount of donation are reports based at the time of writing the article).

1. The Ram Mandir Trust’s most notable funding has come from Dilip Kumar V Lakhi and his family, well-known Surat diamond merchants. The diamond-merchant family has donated 101 kg of gold to the Rama Mandir. The donation made by the Lakhi family came to a remarkable total of 68 crores (based on the current total valuation of gold in rupee terms). This donation of gold is being used to adorn the Ram Mandir’s doors, sanctum sanctorum, trishul, damaru, and pillars. 

2. Noteworthy contributions also came from Spiritual guru Morari Bapu who has contributed Rs 11.3 crore to help build the Ram Temple. His supporters in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom also contributed individually, totaling Rs 8 crore. Thus, the entire donation amount is Rs 18.6 crore.

3. According to reports, Govindbhai Dholakia of Sri Ramkrishna Exports, located in Gujarat, has given the Temple a donation of Rs 11 crore.

4. A sizeable sum of 10 crores was donated by the Patna Mahavir Mandir towards the building of the Ram Mandir. 

5. Mahesh Kabutarwala of Swiss Glascoat Equipments gave a donation of Rs 5 crore, according to reports.

6. The wealthiest family in India and Asia, the Ambani family, has reportedly given Rs 2.51 crore to the Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust.

7. A Muslim businessman from Chennai named WS Habeeb has reportedly given the Ram Temple a donation of Rs 1 lakh.

8. Reportedly, Lavji Badshah of the Matrushri Kankuba Foundation gave a donation of Rs 1 crore.

The Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Mandir has been built in the customary Nagara style. It is supported by 392 pillars and 44 doors, and measures 380 feet long (east-west), 250 feet wide, and 161 feet high. The temple’s walls and pillars are adorned with finely carved representations of Hindu gods and goddesses. The idol of Shri Ramlalla, Bhagwan Shri Ram, in his childhood form, is placed in the main sanctum sanctorum on the ground floor.

(Disclaimer: The donation listicle is as per the real-time estimate at the time of writing this article.)

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