‘Enemies’ Govinda and Chunky Panday in cast, no script, decoy Mahesh Bhatt: How Pahlajj Nihalani got David Dhawan to direct Aankhen | Bollywood News


Film producer and distributor Pahlajj Nihalani claimed that he launched filmmakers David Dhawan and Anees Bazmee in the industry, as he recalled a story about how they came back to him after turning down his proposal to work on the film Aankhen, starring Govinda and Chunky Panday. In an interview with Zoom Entertainment, Pahlajj said that in order to get them to return, he hosted an impromptu ‘mahurat’ event for a film without a script or a director, got Mahesh Bhatt to attend as a decoy, and then got David Dhawan and Anees Bazmee to sign on out of FOMO.

Narrating the story in Hindi, he said, “Coincidentally, Govinda and Chunky Panday came to visit me when I was unwell. They were enemies at the time, but they both wanted to work with me. I came up with an idea in two days, and we did the ‘mahurat’ before anybody even knew who the director was. At the ‘mahurat’, David asked me, ‘Am I not doing the film?’ And I said, ‘No, Mahesh Bhatt is’.”

He said that neither David nor Anees Bazmee had liked the idea when he’d told them about it, which made Pahlajj feel that they’d become too big for their boots. “Who knew Anees Bazmee before he started working with me? He was a ghost writer. David was launched by me, and I made sure to tell the world that he was responsible for Shola Aur Shabnam being a hit,” he said.

He added, “Govinda wanted to work with me, and two days later, I arranged the ‘mahurat’, got clothes made, and shot random scenes. While we were doing a photo shoot, David and Anees both came over. They had no idea what film was being made, and wanted to know how they’d fit into it. I told them that this was the same film that they had turned down. They said they’ll do anything, they just wanted to work on the film. Mahesh Bhatt was there just for the clap.”

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