‘Falcon’s Flight’ at Six Flags, Saudi Arabia set to break records for tallest, fastest rollercoaster | Trending News


Six Flags is gearing up to shatter records with its upcoming rollercoaster, Falcon’s Flight. This heart-pounding ride, crafted by the designers at Intamin, is set to be the epitome of extreme amusement, claiming to be the world’s tallest and fastest rollercoaster.

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Anticipation is building as Falcon’s Flight takes shape at the upcoming Six Flags Qiddiya in Saudi Arabia. The towering marvel is slated to reach unparalleled heights, soaring over 600 feet into the sky.

What’s more, thrill-seekers can brace for an electrifying experience as the rollercoaster hurtles at mind-boggling speeds, surpassing 150 mph. Riders aboard the 14-passenger rollercoaster will be in for an intense journey, reaching speeds that push the boundaries at a staggering 156 mph.

This ambitious rollercoaster is poised to dethrone current record holders, including the world’s tallest Kingda Ka in Jackson, New Jersey and Formula Rossa in Abu Dhabi, the reigning speed champion.

As Falcon’s Flight is on track to etch its name in the annals of amusement park history, netizens have taken to Instagram to share their thoughts on the newest ride. “I mean I feel like you would need to sign a waiver to go on this thing. People are definitely passing out from high blood pressure,” said one person, while a second wrote, “This is sounding very final destination.” Yet another user cheered it on, saying, “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”.


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