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A woman, who was once rescued in a life-saving operation by the Manchester Fire Department in 2016, has now joined their ranks as a firefighter.

Tenley Gillett, now 30, faced a challenging period in 2016 when after a distressing encounter at a gym, she leapt into the Merrimack river in an attempt to end her life. Prompt response from authorities, including the local fire department, saved her.

Reflecting on that time, in an interview with PEOPLE, Gillett mentions, “[I was] struggling a lot with where I belong… and that was something I had struggled with my entire life.”

Fast forward to October 2023, and Gillett took part in the department’s annual pinning ceremony, officially becoming a member of the Manchester Fire Department in New Hampshire.

Gillett, who also serves in the US Army Reserves as a firefighter, highlighted her interest in service and investigative work. Initially hesitant due to her perceived size limitations, she began training in July 2021, joining the Reserves. Her dedication and ongoing training led to formal employment with the Manchester Fire Department in September.

Currently navigating her probationary year, Gillett works diligently in a challenging schedule, emphasising her commitment to proving herself.

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Netizens responded with heartfelt comments on Instagram after the news spread. One user mentions, “Love this. This is why we need empathy and compassion and more mental health resources,” while another goes on to say, “Congrats. Great story! Glad to hear something positive,” and a third one commented, “Wow! Love hearing this!!!”


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