‘Golden Horses’: Here’s why the Akhal-Teke horses have earned that name | Trending News


The Akhal-Teke Turkmen horse has taken the spotlight, earning the affectionate nickname “Golden Horses”. Hailing from the arid landscapes of Turkmenistan, these equine wonders boast a coat so lustrous and metallic that it has captured the attention worldwide.

Dubbed for their striking resemblance to glistening gold under the sunlight, the Akhal-Tekes are not just a visual marvel but a breed steeped in history and cultural significance.

The video shared by @Gabriele_Corno on X has sparked moments of wonder among netizens. Originating from the Turkmen deserts, these horses are renowned for their endurance and speed, making them more than just a spectacle; they are a symbol of strength and heritage.

The Akhal-Teke’s golden coat reflects not only their physical prowess but also their cultural importance to the Turkmen people.

X became a hotspot for this rare creature as one user wrote, “Truly out of this world. Reminded of the Puka, the beautiful water horse who comes out of the water and tempts humans onto his back, bringing them to his watery home,” while another mentioned, “A wonder of nature: fairytale-like,” and another appreciated it with, “Gorgeous, like a most perfect white pearl nacre!”


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