Kartik Aaryan says his mother gives him pocket money, didn’t let him buy car for his birthday: ‘Abhi paise nahi hain’ | Bollywood News


Kartik Aaryan is among the most successful male Bollywood actors of his generation. Barring Shehzada, his recent films, Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 and Satyaprem Ki Katha, have earned big money at the box office. But if he wishes to buy a new car on his birthday, he can’t. Not because he doesn’t have the money, but because his mother handles his finances and doesn’t allow him to splurge.

The actor, who will be next seen in Kabir Khan’s Chandu Champion, doesn’t know how much money he has in his account, and has no idea how to check his bank balance. He told Film Companion, “My mother handles my money. I don’t know how much money there is in my account or if there is any money or not.”

Kartik agreed that he gets an allowance from his mother, and when he has to buy something, he has to get her permission first. Narrating a recent story, the actor shared, “I wanted to buy a car on my birthday but mummy refused, saying that there is no money. She said maybe next year or sometime later, but, ‘Abhi nahi le sakte (Can’t buy it now).”

He added that he has no option but to believe what his mother tells him, because “I don’t even know where to check (how much money I have), I don’t know kaunsa account hai.” But this restriction on spending money sometimes annoys Kartik. “Sometimes I get angry also, ki aap kisi bhi cheez mein allow nahi karte ho (You don’t allow me to buy anything). It’s not just about a car, it’s even for smaller things like my restaurant bills. If my bill is too high, she would call and ask, ‘Itna khaana kaise khaaya jab diet pe ho (How did you eat so much despite being on a diet)?’” the actor added.

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However, Kartik is ‘proud’ of his mom as she has left her medical practice to manage his finances because she doesn’t want him to ‘misuse it or get spoilt.’

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“She just doesn’t want me to get spoilt. She thinks I can still get spoilt. I have lived my life where I spent more than my earnings. So, I think she is used to that idea and she doesn’t like it. She has decided isko pocket money mein hi rakho, usme sudhra rahega (Keep him on an allowance and he will stay grounded)” Kartik said.

Kartik often shares pictures of himself with his mother on social media. He also opened up about her battle with cancer earlier this year, and praised her ‘will-power’ which helped her fight the disease.

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