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Bollywood actor Katrina Kaif, who can currently be seen in Tiger 3 opposite Salman Khan, has opened up about the famous hammam scene and the challenges she faced while shooting it. The actor credited the conceptualisation of the fight to YRF head honcho Aditya Chopra, and added that she gets into a ‘different zone’ with films like Tiger 3. In the scene, Katrina, as Zoya, fought hand-to-hand with Hollywood stuntwoman and actor Michelle Lee’s character in a steamy hammam, wearing only towels.

In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Katrina said that action films can be ‘tough’, and added that preparation is the key. The actor said that she has to get into  ‘a different zone’. She said, “When it’s Tiger time, that mode goes on. That’s a different mode. I was actually talking about it yesterday with Vicky, and he was explaining to someone that ‘when Tiger comes, it’s a different mode and  I see a different person.’”

Talking about the famous hamman scene, the challenge, according to Katrina, was to make the fight look real, intense, and visually appealing while maintaining a balance. She also expressed her enjoyment of the process, highlighting the importance of showcasing aggression in action sequences rather than mere choreography. Katrina said that the brief before the scene was not to ‘look very hot, and beat the hell out of each other.’ She added, “I think the director has that trust in me that, first, we’re out there to make the scene look real.

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She said, “I think with Tiger, the action has always been a little more hand-to-hand. There’s a lot of combat. You kind of get involved in the fights. With the hammam scene, I think it was Adi (Aditya Chopra) who had conceptualised that fight. It seemed so novel and unique, and it was a challenge for all of us to get it right. It’s got to look real, intense, but it’s also got to look aesthetic because you want to see the fight. For me, that’s how action should be.”

Lee recently opened up about the scene and had said, “. I thought it was pretty epic when we were shooting it. One of the main challenges was definitely the wardrobe. Our towels needed to stay in the proper place and with so much movement and fight choreography, it was definitely a challenge. We ended up having the towels sewn closed at certain points and that helped a lot.”

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Tiger 3 is helmed by Maneesh Sharma and also stars Emraan Hashmi in a pivotal role. The film was released in theatres on November 12, and will pass the Rs 300 crore global gross by tomorrow.

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