Margot Robbie reveals her ‘secret’ crush at Variety awards ceremony, fans love the ‘adorable’ moment | Trending News


During Variety’s recent Power of Women Awards ceremony, Margot Robbie faced an unexpected moment when she appeared to have lost her voice. Undeterred, the ‘Barbie’ star turned to her husband, asking him to step in and complete her speech.

The incident, caught on camera, quickly became a viral sensation with fans praising the couple for their teamwork and Robbie’s resilience in the face of an unexpected challenge.

Watch video below;

In the heartfelt speech, delivered by her husband, Robbie not only expressed her gratitude but also revealed a delightful and surprising secret – her crush on singer Dua Lipa. The audience, both at the event and online, responded with a mix of laughter and warm applause.

The incident not only showcased Robbie’s ability to handle unexpected situations with grace but also added a delightful and humane touch to the glamorous awards ceremony, making it a memorable moment for fans around the world.

Social media platforms, particularly X (formerly Twitter), were flooded with reactions from fans of both Margot Robbie and Dua Lipa. One fan pointed out, “a reminder dua lipa called margot robbie her ‘ultimate girl crush’ a couple of days ago,” indicating that the admiration was indeed reciprocal.


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