Paramotoring 97-year-old woman soars high in Pune, inspires netizens | Trending News


Defining what resilience and a zest for life actually means, a 97-year-old woman from Nagpur, Maharashtra, has taken to the skies in a thrilling paramotoring adventure in Pune.

Widowed early in her marriage, Usha Thuse gracefully navigated the challenges of life, excelling as both a dedicated schoolteacher and a nurturing mother to four daughters, as reported by The Free Press Journal.

A viral video, shared by industrialist Anand Mahindra on X (formerly Twitter), captured the indomitable spirit of “ajji” as she fearlessly approached the paramotoring adventure. Staff of Flying Rhino, a paramotoring firm, ensured she was securely fastened into the equipment, complete with a helmet.

X users flooded the platform with admiration for Usha’s courage, addressing her affectionately as “grandma”. Messages of encouragement echoed across the social media sphere, with one user noting, “It’s NEVER too late to soar.” Another declared the video was “Truly inspiring”.


Her story has become a beacon of inspiration for people of all ages, proving that the sky is never off-limits for those with an adventurous heart.


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