Prime Minister Modi Applauds Investor’s Confidence In India’s Growth Potential | Economy News


New Delhi: Today (Saturday, November 26, 2023), in a social media post on X (formerly Twitter), Indian-American entrepreneur and investor Balaji S Srinivasan expressed his optimism about investing in India, drawing praise from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Balaji’s positive outlook centered on the belief that investing in India contributes to the country’s improvement, citing the promising growth potential in Bharat (India).

On X (formerly Twitter), Balaji shared a detailed post explaining his perspective. He compared India to a startup, acknowledging that, like any growing venture, the country may have flaws but is still worth investing in. He emphasized the unique position of India as an ancient civilization that operates like a startup country.

Take a look at the post:

The PM, in response, not only appreciated Balaji’s optimism but also highlighted the innovative nature of the Indian people. Modi extended a warm welcome to the global community, encouraging investments in the nation, and assured that India is ready to meet expectations.

The conversation starts with a social media user’s comment questioning Balaji’s status as a prominent supporter of India despite not residing in the country.

Balaji clarified that being an investor doesn’t necessitate a physical presence, emphasizing the importance of international investment and recognizing talent worldwide, with India standing out prominently.


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