Ranbir Kapoor says he hasn’t ‘understood’ Rishi Kapoor’s loss yet: ‘I haven’t expressed it to myself, my loved ones’ | Bollywood News


Ranbir Kapoor opened up about the loss of his father Rishi Kapoor in a recent interview and shared that he is yet to process the loss. Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor died in 2020 after a long battle with cancer. Ranbir shared that since a young age, boys are taught to be strong, and that is probably why he has still not expressed his grief even to himself.

Talking about his father’s death on Unstoppable with NBK, Ranbir shared, “I think the loss of a parent is always the biggest low in a person’s life. So when I lost my father a couple of years ago… I don’t think I have still understood the loss. Because you know being a son… since the time you are born, you are always taught to be strong. You don’t express and say much. So I don’t know if I have really expressed my father’s loss yet to myself or to my loved ones.”

Ranbir said that this loss really “matured” him and made him “more responsible” in life. Ranbir’s upcoming film Animal is a father-son story where Anil Kapoor has played his on-screen father. Speaking about the film, and how he connected with it, Ranbir said that as he was growing up, he was not very close to his father.

“There is a very strong father-son emotion. And I think that was the base that I really connected with. While growing up, I was not very close to my father also because my father… My relationship with my father was how his relationship was with his father. There was a lot of love and respect but there was distance,” he said and added that “somewhere all father-son chemistry in India is a bit dicey. I really connected with that part of the story.”

At the trailer launch of the film, Ranbir said that his father’s passion and aggression was a reference point for him for Animal. “Whenever I used to meet Sandeep, I used to ask him to give me a reference for my character. I have never felt things like this and subconsciously I remembered my father. I think the way he used to talk, he was a very passionate, aggressive man. So I have tried to take that from my father,” he said.

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Directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, Animal also stars Rashmika Mandanna and Bobby Deol. The film releases in theatres on December 1.

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