Ranbir Kapoor says he is always picking up Alia Bhatt’s towel off the floor after she showers: ‘Relationships are hard’ | Bollywood News


Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt have been together for six years now and just last year, the couple tied the knot and welcomed their daughter Raha. In a recent interview, Ranbir spoke about how “relationships are hard” and one has to constantly work at them to make a marriage work. The actor also shared that he and Alia are the complete opposite of each other when it comes to organising and keeping things tidy.

During his appearance on Unstoppable with NBK, Ranbir was asked about how a marriage between two popular actors works and he said, “We have been together for six years now. I think in the first year you understand how to handle each other’s personality. Relationships are hard. Humans beings are very tough animals, very hard to understand. You have to understand the person. You have to have empathy for that person.”

He then shared his mantra for making a marriage successful and shared, “Marriage is all about working, no? You have to keep working on your marriage, you have to keep trying. And that’s what makes a successful marriage.” Ranbir was also asked about being a “perfectionist” as he likes to “keep things where they belong.” The actor said that Alia is the “complete opposite” of him in this regard and shared, “She comes out of the shower and her towel is left on the floor. I am always picking her towel and putting it in the basket. But I think that’s what makes a marriage work.”

Ranbir also spoke a bit about his daughter Raha during the episode and shared that he always wanted a daughter. He added that if he ever has another child, he hopes he has a daughter again. “I never thought I would experience this kind of joy in my life. I wasn’t expecting it. It has given me such joy that I am grateful to God for it,” he said. Ranbir was asked what he wants Raha to be when she grows up, and the actor said that he “will help her follow her dreams” in becoming whatever she wants, which could be “actor, producer, electrician, chef, or whatever.” Ranbir spoke about imparting the values he received from his parents and how he wants to pass them on to his daughter.

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