‘Secretly meeting Kiara Advani’: Sidharth Malhotra’s response to what he misses about his single life makes Karan Johar mushy | Bollywood News


Sidharth Malhotra and Varun Dhawan were the latest guests on Karan Johar’s Koffee with Karan and during the episode, Sidharth opened up a bit about his wedding with Kiara Advani. After dating each other for a few years, the couple got married in February. To announce their wedding, the two shared a few photos on social media and later shared a video of their garland exchange that left their fans awestruck.

Sid, however, was against sharing that video. “I was quite against putting the video out. Credit to Manish (Malhotra) and Kiara to say that let’s put it out because I was like, it might look forced,” he said. Sidharth and Kiara hosted a lavish wedding in Jaisalmer and during the rapid fire segment, when Karan asked him if “celebrity weddings are as big as a production of a film,” the actor nodded in agreement. He said, “Yes, and more sensitive because there are families involved.”

Sidharth also revealed that Kiara knows that password of his phone but he often forgets her password. When Karan asked Sidharth what he missed about his single life, the actor said, “Secretly meeting Kiara” which made Karan go mushy.

Sidharth spoke about his life after getting married to Kiara and said that it was all thanks to Kiara that he now has a family in Mumbai. “I came to Bombay about 16 years ago, and I lived by myself for the initial years with friends. I shared rooms and apartments, and now I have this one person I have dated, and obviously, there is so much love. I feel more responsible now; I feel like I have another person I have to take care of. She motivates me to work harder,” he said and added, “Even today, we like spending time together and meeting families. I never had a family in Bombay, but now I do thanks to her.”

In the previous season of Koffee with Karan, Kiara had shared that she first met Sidharth at a party after she wrapped up Lust Stories and this time too, Karan recalled that story and said that it was “serendipitous” for Sidharth to land up at that party.

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