‘This makes me afraid to fly now’: US couple take 3 kittens on 10-hour flight from Belgrade to Chicago; netizens call them out | Trending News


A couple, who make YouTube videos on travel destinations for a living, took to Instagram a few days ago to share a video about travelling on a 10-hour Air Serbia flight from Serbian capital Belgrade to USA’s Chicago along with three kittens.

However, many netizens did not approve of this and called them out for not following the rules.
Ian and Ana Ryan posted the video on their Instagram account named @ian.and.ana. Ana said they had them in their crates but during take-off, one of the kittens got scared so they took it out. She said she couldn’t believe that no passenger cared about the kittens being out of their crates.

They played with their kittens and even fed them cat food on the flight. The kittens also had a bathroom break seven hours into the flight.

The couple adopted the kittens after finding them abandoned in a Serbian village. The kittens travelled across various European cities with them in their van and were coming back to the US as they were going home for the holidays.

“You won’t believe what happens on this plane, flying 10 hours with our 3 kittens. We’re @ianandana a couple who shipped their van to Europe! Follow us for travel tips, van life and kitties. I think it’s important to note that the plane was pretty empty! we flew @airserbia from Belgrade to Chicago. We found 3 kittens in a village in Serbia at 3 weeks old with no mom so we took them in and decided to keep them! Now they travel Europe in our van with us… but we were going home for the holidays so of course they had a come with! Let us know if you have any questions,” says the caption of the video.

Watch the video below:

“This is so unsafe for the cats. what about plane turbulence?” a user asked. “As a flight attendant, this would be an obnoxious flight to be on. I love cats (I have 4), but we have to enforce the rules. I suspect you knew the rules ahead of time. All I see is that you’re putting the flight attendants in a bad situation and teaching your kids that it’s ok not to follow policies,” another person wrote. “I have severe cat allergies. This makes me afraid to fly now,” said a third. “No offense but I cannot IMAGINE smelling cat food inside the cabin- i think I’d be sick,” another netizen said.


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