Viral video exposes unhygienic practices in toast manufacturing, netizens express concern | Trending News


In a video shared by railway bureaucrat Ananth Rupanagudi on X, concerns have been raised about the hygiene standards in factories producing toast. The footage reveals a disconcerting atmosphere where workers appear nonchalant about cleanliness, sparking worry among netizens.

The video captures workers smoking in proximity to the food production area, and several employees are observed neglecting basic hygiene practices such as wearing gloves, masks, or hair nets during the packaging process. This revelation has ignited a wave of apprehension among social media users.

Instances of food-related concerns have been on the rise, with previous incidents shedding light on issues like rats in IRCTC train pantry cars and revelations about food being prepared with unwashed hands and feet.

Watch the video below;

Following the video’s viral spread, users on X expressed their worries. One user commented, “Growing more and more averse to eating outside and processed food. Nearly stopped eating at restaurants. Looks like I’m going to have to make my own bread, biscuits, everything now.”

Another user advocated for homemade bread, stating, “It’s better to bake our own bread,” while a third user humorously remarked, “Thanks for not using legs.”

This incident underscores the growing scrutiny over food safety and hygiene practices, prompting a reevaluation of consumer trust in processed foods and dining establishments.


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