Woman dances at crowded Kolkata station, netizens ‘disapprove’ of the act | Trending News


A woman’s impromptu dance performance inside a packed Ballygunge railway station in Kolkata has ignited a heated debate online and drawn a mix of astonishment and disapproval from onlookers.

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The incident occurred when the woman decided to film a reel of herself dancing amidst commuters, prompting a wave of reactions from netizens who deemed the act inappropriate for public transportation.

Watch video below;

Some argued that public spaces demand a certain level of decorum, and such activities should be reserved for more suitable venues. However, it is not the first time this has happened.

Similar acts in cities such as Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai have also created viral moments and people are seeking help from the respective authorities to condemn such acts.

Instagram users came up with cornering comments like, “Dancing in Railway or Metro is Really shameful this is Insult Of Dance …….Going Viral is Not long term,” while a second user said, “This is so annoying !!,” and a third claimed, “She is making me very uncomfortable .Cringe as hell”.


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